How Capitalico Came Out From My Own Experience

October 28th, 2015 03:10

Why can I not choose where I want to live?  I want to be where I can do what I want to do but not what I have to do for work.

Back in 2010, after working in Tokyo, I went back to my hometown due to family issues and I had to earn my living while being at home. I was not a designer or an engineer who could do freelancing online.  So I decided to trade currencies given my financial industry experience. I also thought that day trading would be a great way to make a living regardless of where I was.  Through this process, I had to learn the hard way that trading is not about sense or luck. I learned that making profits from day trading is a very disciplined process. I spent two years going through this, where I had to examine whether certain trading ideas would make profits at least in the backtest and demo-trade, then actually execute the live trades diligently while many human emotions hinder doing so.

Through my trading experience, I figured out that there are many things that we as humans are not good at but that machines may be good at.  For example, machines do not need to fight human emotions such as fear to keep executing trades strictly based on the pre-set rules.  Machines are much better at keeping an eye on multiple charts 24 hours a day; detecting chart patterns when trades should be executed. I strongly felt since then, that there are things that humans should delegate to machines, because we were not born to be good at some things.

Developing Capitalico has become personal for me, because it is solving the pain that I actually had to go through.  And more importantly, Capitalico can potentially contribute hugely to the ideal lifestyle that I had envisioned when I started day trading, where earning money is extremely flexible. Money is just one of many constraints in life. Through Capitalico, I believe that we can loosen up this constraint to motivate people to go for what they are passionate about. With this thought process, we hope to contribute to “Be a Human Being” by sharing Capitalico to the world.