Capitalico Development Update #001

November 21st, 2015 01:11


I would like to update you regarding Capitalico development which I sent an email to those who are on the Capitalico waiting list (you can sign up from Capitalico waiting list).  We are currently putting our best to deliver Capitalico to you as soon as we can.  To keep you in the loop, we would like to send you periodical updates.  It will not be too many, and we are thinking about one update for every month or every other month.

Oh, and I will remind you at the end of this email as well, but please be a part of Capitalico development effort by answering quick questionnaire here! 



The biggest update about Capitalico development is that we are going to release Capitalico as a mobile-first service.  Through feedback from our initial beta test users, we found out that many people do not have much time sitting in front of computer after coming home to play with Capitalico.  We are currently going through intensive design-sprints how we can make the right product as a mobile-first service.  We think that Capitalico can be the very first service that you can build trading algorithms on mobile comfortably, because it does not require you to write programming, especially in a small screen…


Release schedule

We are targeting the public release early next year… before the spring comes, and hopefully earlier than that.  However, even before the public release, we plan to open up the next beta versions to those who want early access to give us advise and feedback, so please stay tuned!


Want to hear from you!

It is super important for us to hear directly from you in developing Capitalico.  So we prepared 5-questions questionnaire form here, please let us know what you are thinking to be a part of the process!  


We appreciate your interest in Capitalico, and we do our best to deliver you something that makes you smile 🙂