Capitalico is coming back to the web browser!

April 19th, 2016 07:04


Dear friends,

I’m excited to inform you that Capitalico is moving back to the web platform, effective today!  Now you can build your trading algos through your desktop and laptop browsers without an iOS device. The Capitalico mobile app will still help you with your trades, and starting with the next version, it will function as a viewer of your web-based algo builds and receiver of live notifications.

After the initial launch of Capitalico, we have spent a lot of time interacting with our users and have worked to incorporate all the great suggestions. The most important of which is that we realized the browser interface is the best option to look intensively at the technical charts and customize builds. Interestingly, we had already implemented the beta version of Capitalico on a web platform late last year, but moved towards mobile in efforts to simplify the process and make it more accessible to everyone. The decision to make Capitalico browser based has been difficult but well researched. Having beta tested both versions, we asked ourselves, “which platform would be more suitable for Capitalico?” and it became clear from the users’ voices that the web browser interface is the right way to go.

Capitalico is still in early development but with every step, we make progress and build our user base. We appreciate everyone, and thank you for your valuable feedback. Our users play a crucial role in how we shape Capitalico, and your voice is important to us.

Thank you,

P.S. as part of today’s release and per user request, Capitalico is adding another currency pair, USD/MXN (editable only on the web browser version).  We will continue to add more assets and indicators, as well as different ways of helping your trading life.  More to come later, so please stay tuned!