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Hitoshi presented our deep learning technology at GTC 2016

April 13th, 2016 05:04

On Apr 6th, 2016, Hitoshi, CTO of Alpaca, talked about our deep learning technology around chart pattern recognition using LSTM at NVIDIA’s GTC (GPU Technology Conference) 2016, as well as TensorFlow Mega Meetup on Apr 3rd.  The slides are uploaded to SlideShare.

Capitalico / Chart Pattern Matching in Financial Trading Using RNN from Alpaca

The session was full with some people standing on wall.  Capitalico is one of the most advanced services that utilize the cutting-edge deep learning technology and we shared lots of idea that many other projects can benefit from.  We also recognized financial technology is one of the most interesting space where machine learning and deep learning can solve hard problems.  We continue to advance our technology, and thank you all who came to the session!!