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Jibun Bank Partners with Alpaca to Build the World’s First AI Supported Foreign Currency Deposit Service

August 17th, 2016 12:08

Jibun Bank customers to take advantage of Alpaca’s AI and Database technologies

Alpaca, the San Mateo based Fintech startup  behind “Capitalico,” a trading application that uses AI and deep learning, announced a partnership with Jibun Bank Corporation, a leading mobile-first bank in Japan. The partnership provides Jibun Bank’s customers access to Alpaca’s deep learning engine that runs numerous models among massive amounts of historical and real time market data in a foreign currency deposit service*.


Alpaca brings industry-proven AI and Big Data technology to the financial trading space by building an AI engine that efficiently understands each trader’s specific trade strategies based on time series price data and various technical indicators. Alpaca also utilizes a unique high-speed Big Data analytics platform for financial data, named “MarketStore,” and is based on the founders’ previous experiences working with Wall Street’s institutions**.


“We are proud to partner with Japan’s leading mobile-first bank, Jibun Bank,” said Yoshi Yokokawa, Alpaca’s co-founder and CEO. “We see a huge opportunity distributing Alpaca’s AI engine to a broader audience with different types of business partners.”


Alpaca’s AI and Big Data technology are being uniquely applied in the financial market through its SaaS “Capitalico.”


About Alpaca

Alpaca is a San Mateo based Fintech startup that uses AI and deep learning to create new trading technology. It was founded by the industry veterans in Database, AI, and financial trading. In March of 2016, Alpaca released a trade automation SaaS “Capitalico” to provide everyone the opportunity to automate their own trade ideas using AI and deep learning technology. For more information, visit


About Jibun Bank

Jibun Bank Corporation is a joint-venture direct bank between a leading Japanese telecom company, KDDI Corporation, and a leading Japanese commercial bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Since its launch in June 2008, Jibun Bank has striven to become a financial institution with top customer satisfaction – a “personal bank for each individual customer” – providing high-quality financial services that are both convenient and secure Jibun Bank’s popularity has grown rapidly and by March 2016, the bank acquired more than 2,120,000 customers.

*: A foreign currency deposit service provides customers the option to make periodic deposits from other designated and linked currency accounts.

**: For detail explanation about Alpaca’s MarketStore, please see