Official news

AlpacaJapan reorganizes to accelerate its development and evolution

September 14th, 2017 07:09

AlpacaJapan KK (Tokyo, Japan) has been providing unique trading solution services leveraging our AI and big data technology partnering with Japanese banks, broker dealers, and corporations, and we would like to announce the following strategic actions in order to accelerate our business growth and evolution.

1) Completion of MBO of AlpacaDB, Inc’s Japan business by AlpacaJapan

Japan segment of AlpacaDB, Inc (California, USA, CEO Tsuyoshi Yokokawa) business was bought out by AlpacaJapan’s management.  This strategic move will enable both entities to create clear ownership and accountability as well as business focus.  While AlpacaDB, Inc will initiate US securities business for retail clients, AlpacaJapan will continue to develop B2B business in Japan and overseas.  Each entity will independently raise capital and funds going forward.

With this strategic move, AlpacaJapan has appointed its management team, Morifumi Yotsumoto (CEO), Yuki Hayashi (CTO), and Kazuhiko Osone (COO, newly hired and see below).  AlpacaDB’s Yokokawa(CEO), Harada(CTO), and Luke Logan will continue to support AlpacaJapan as Advisor.

2) Key Hires

Kaz Osone, COO

Kaz has been in investment banking industry for more than 20 years working for Deutsche Bank Group (Tokyo and London) and Barclays Tokyo and held numerous roles.  Key responsibilities included developing new businesses, setting up and improving infrastructure, and enhancing control environment.  At Barclays he was Japan COO for front office and the head of Asia Pacific front office risk control.

Kaz’ addition to our team will help further strengthen our organizational capabilities, infrastructure, and control and governance which are becoming increasing important as we accelerate B2B business development.

Kaz’ comments:  “Alpaca is a young and energetic organization which is full of talented people with inclusive culture.  I get lots of stimulus in this environment and  I would like to contribute to Japan through finance and technology”

Shirou Wakayama, Chief Architect

Shirou was a part of R&D team for distributed system technology to handle big data from sensing devices at Toshiba Research and Development Center. After Toshiba, he has worked for various companies since 2011, and his responsibilities included developing and operating a search system, constructing data processing infrastructure as well as developing web services.

In addition, as OSS activities, he developed several tools in Go or Python, one of which is utilized in well known middleware products at Elastic and HashiCorp.  Author of “Let’s start Sphinx (O’Reilly)” and “Basic Ansible”, both titles are English translated.

His expertise is going to be indispensable for Alpaca to enhance our infrastructure in order to accelerate our internal R&D process which highly depends on the speed of processing massive amount of time series data.

Shirou’s comments: “I sympathize with Alpaca vision and joined to realize it together. As Alpaca grows, developing the more stable R&D infrastructure will be a key to success in order to deliver high and even higher quality of services to our partners. I would like to contribute to Alpaca by leveraging my experience in end-to-end web service development as well as operations such as automation and robust technical backbone building.”

Also, Tomoya Kitayama and Masayoshi Kikuchi will continue to serve as core members both to drive our current AI solution business as well as to seek and materialize other business opportunities.  We will plan to more actively hire talented professionals in machine-learning field.

3) All investors in AlpacaDB, Inc participated in AlpacaJapan’s share options

With the MBO mentioned above, AlpacaJapan decided to offer all current AlpacaDB, Inc investors (total $2,750,000 raised in 2015 and 2016) the share options in AlpacaJapan as we believe it was the best interest for our investors to maintain their interest in both Japan and the US businesses.  All investors agreed to participate, and the issuance was duly completed.

Going forward, AlpacaJapan will continue to provide world-class trading solutions together with our partners leveraging our unique and superior technological and organizational capabilities.