Our challenge is market forecasting.

We challenge in forecasting financial market
based on AI solutions utilizing deep learning technology and ultra high-speed data storage.


Short term forecast for up to 20-30 minutes

Develop the AI model which predicts market price action based on Alpaca’s deep learning technology. It is possible to customize the deep neural network model by discussing the required precision level and the frequency of prediction with clients.

Medium to long term forecast for several weeks

We analyze various time series data and analyze market trend using deep learning. Based on client needs, we design AI model which predicts market price action up to several weeks ahead.

After building the forecasting model

Alpaca’s prediction infrastructure「AlpacaForecast」is built with Alpaca’s unique financial time series database MarketStore and various components based on Docker’s container technology, and it runs on various clouds such as Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure. By utilizing 「AlpacaForecast」,we can provide research on prediction model and make it run seamlessly.

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Discover features from the market time series with deep learning

Alpaca’s ultra high-speed data storage technology
supporting the prediction system

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We provide Alpaca Forecast for financial institutions and non-financial companies conducting trading business.
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