Who we are

We are a fun, active group of people who thrive together, joke together and have a great culture of enjoying the time we spend together while still breaking new ground. We have a defined plan that is both highly ambitious and exciting, and we work hard to achieve it. Alpaca is a Silicon Valley based company comprised of talent from all over the world having diverse experience and expertise along with a shared enthusiasm to solve complex problems. We love what we build and use it everyday.

Why We’re Doing This

We think the existing stock trading apps lack the concept of “when” to buy while focusing only on “what” to buy. We are not satisfied with the offerings that currently exist. We are casual stock traders and we want a one-stop service to discover the right stock at the right time alongside the means to execute trades immediately. Our team of proven experts in AI, big-data and finance is building a modern service to find trade opportunities faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

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