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With Over 10,000 Algorithms Built, Capitalico Advances Its Deep Learning Trading System, Now Called AlpacaAlgo

September 8th, 2016 08:09

Alpaca’s deep neural net model has been newly designed to reduce the trading algorithm build-time from 10 minutes to a few seconds.

San Mateo, California, Sep 7th, 2016 — Alpaca, the leading AI startup in financial technology, releases its new deep learning engine today in its flagship trading system, AlpacaAlgo (formerly known as Capitalico).  The California-based fintech company also reveals that the number of algorithms built on AlpacaAlgo has exceeded 10,000 and about 100,000 trade alerts have been generated in only 6 months since it was first launched to the public in March of 2016.

Alpaca’s proprietary deep learning system learns how its users trade from their highlighted portions of historic candlestick charts. The neural net model has been newly designed to reduce the algorithm build-time from 10 minutes to a few seconds.  This cutting-edge AI technology allows AlpacaAlgo’s users to design trading algorithms faster and more interactively to help improve trading performance.  Its user interface has been redesigned as well to leverage the new neural net model’s advantages.


According to the deep learning company, who has worked on applying the AI technology in financial trading, the newly developed deep learning system for AlpacaAlgo is approximately 300 times more efficient than a naive implementation in terms of GPU memory usage, and can scale to hundreds of thousands of algorithms running in Alpaca’s system.
AlpacaAlgo’s new user interface also enhances the algorithm design workflow by versioning feature.  This allows one to revert to the previous version of algorithm’s performance to retrospect and tune the configurations more interactively.  Recently improved largely, the Portfolio feature calculates the algorithm’s trading performance in the real time live market as virtual money account, which helps users validate the the algorithm’s performance before investing the real money.  The company is working with online security brokers to launch the real money trading capability in AlpacaAlgo later this year.

Press release can be viewed AlpacaAlgo update press release.