Press Release

Alpaca advances into SaaS price forecasting application model

May 30th, 2018 04:05

AlpacaJapanCo., Ltd. (hereinafter “Alpaca”) announces partnership with Bloomberg L.P. and the launch of a price forecasting application “AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix” for Bloomberg users.

The “AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix” is an application that utilizes our large-scale data processing technology and deep learning technology and shows real-time short-term forecasts for major markets. We decided to develop this application in hope that it would bring the most advanced AI market forecasting capability we have built over the past few years to the global financial community, right to their desks. Specifically, we applied the CNN(convolutional neural network) based deep learning engine with high pattern recognition function commonly used for image recognition/video recognition to time series analysis. Analysis of tick data which has been hard for human eyes to recognize makes market prediction possible. Supported assets are USD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/JPY and US Treasury 10 years bond etc. We are planning to expand the asset classes and coverage period in the future for users at no additional cost. Also, we are going to release “AlpacaForecast AI Prediction Matrix Pro” which includes CME products in the near future.

Alpaca continues to be committed to developing AI-driven market forecasting leveraging big data processing and deep learning technology.

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