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Company Name AlpacaJapanCo., Ltd.
Establishment November 2016 (Changed the company name)
Co-founder& CEO Morifumi Yotsumoto (Yotsu)
Co-founder& CTO Yuki Hayashi (Yuki)
Co-founder& COO Kazuhiko Osone (Kaz)
Address 1-12-5-2F Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Capital 658,124,004 yen ($ 6mil equivalent)
including capital reserves
# of employees 30
Business Description AI and Big Market Data Technology B2B Solution Provider for Global Capital Market
Summary of Business Asia’s Leading AI Fintech startup that builds Deep Learning and Big Data technology for financial market. Providing “AlpacaForecast”, a platform that predicts market move, “AlpacaRadar/Search”, a new product that predicts market risk anomaly between cross assets. Also started SaaS platform business from May 2018 with Bloomberg called “AI Prediction Matrix”, which is subscription model on Bloomberg App Portal.
Major Shareholders In-Company Shareholders
Major Class A Preferred Shareholders MUFG Bank, Ltd.
SMBC Venture Capital No.4 Investment Limited Partnership
Innovative Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
CSV Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
D4V No.1 Limited Partnership
Archetype Venture Fund Investment Limited Partnership
Eric Di Benedetto

Bringing Science into Retail Trading

It takes lots of data, speed, and scalability to offer a reliable scientific solution to the ever growing retail user base in financial trading. We solve this problem by bringing in heavy experience from database, AI, and capital markets. Together, we have built an extremely optimised time-series database called “MarketStore.” With MarketStore, we are achieving similar speed scores to the institutional level offering but in a much more scalable way. Our team is well positioned to bring the scientific solution to retail traders globally.

Database, AI, and Capital Markets

Morifumi YotsumotoCo-Founder CEO

Morifumi is a veteran of investment banking having more than 20 years of professional experience. He has held senior executive roles at both Lehman and Barclays after trading financial products at Sojitsu. Morifumi has experience in starting brokerage, investment management, and real estate businesses.

Yuki HayashiCo-Founder CTO

Yuki Hayashi (Chief Engineer) is a machine-learning specialist with 20 years of professional experience at Nokia, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Yuki’s unique talent was recognized as early as elementary school when he began programming. With patents in machine learning, he leads the development of our cutting edge deep learning technology.

Kaz OsoneCo-Founder COO

Kaz has been in investment banking industry for more than 20 years working for Deutsche Bank Group (Tokyo and London) and Barclays Tokyo and held numerous roles. Key responsibilities included developing new businesses, setting up and improving infrastructure, and enhancing control environment. At Barclays he was Japan COO for front office and the head of Asia Pacific front office risk control.


One Fall afternoon in 2014, while working in Downtown New York, I was contemplating the uses of our multi-million dollar database. It struck me that although our product was being used in one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, that institution was still burdened by the inefficiencies of a general-purpose database.

A year later, we at Alpaca experienced the same problem for our retail trading applications. Our solution was to build our own database. Starting from the ground up, we built the most efficient database for time-series market data analytics by leveraging cutting edge hardware and software technologies. We know that our product is one-of-a-kind and we are confident that we will continue to prove its value. We are dedicated to achieving the best performance and delivering the best value applications to our customers.

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As a team of financial, database and AI experts, we are committed to solve the hardest problems, but it’s also true that we cannot do it alone. We are looking forward to working with members who can help us achieve our goal together.

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